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Cancer Cinema

2014-08-11 09:22:37 by Cancer-Cinema

Hello Everyone,

I will be making news post on this page pretaining to Cancer Cinema productions.

For my personal work please visit :

More information on current projects here:


- Celx



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2014-10-26 00:57:50

Well damn, this is where you've been hiding out?! Were you also at Pico Day this yea, lurking in the bushes? Figures a piece of 'spam' in the Portal finally alerted me to your presence... which was nicely done btw...

Cancer-Cinema responds:

The game is all I'm focusing right now, sorry for being so inactive...
- Celx


2014-10-29 15:59:53

Wish I could help in that respect... but I have found 2-3 good guys in the Flash part of the BBS. So if there's any hangups that have been unresolved for too long, check out a few pages of the forum, and, if not there, ask!

Cancer-Cinema responds:

Oh but you can help :)
Any votes you can throw our way via our steam greenlight page are immensely helpful!
Here is the link to that

And you can also vote on our newest film too, any publicity is beneficial to us right now ;)
Thanks again!
- Celx


2014-10-30 02:54:55

Aw fuck I don't have Steam! Maybe PM Tom, and/or find a thread in the BBS to make a hoopla about it.

Nice site! Could use more clickable links (as referenced in the latter half of the promo video), especially on the game mini site.

You know, on a Monday, maybe make a FP post from your personal site, pointing to this one... seems like the Monday FP newsposts hang around a little longer.